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When do you enjoy life? When you perform well...

Not just at your job, but as a father, mother, husband, wife, colleague, partner, friend, lover…
I believe it’s when you are Healthy, Calm, and Happy.
Why do you want that job promotion? Why do you want to look good? Why do you want to spend more time with your family and friends? Why do you long for love? Why do you want to be successful?
I believe it all comes down to happiness. In the end, we all want to be happy.
When was the last time you performed well in the state of illness, agitation, and sadness? I want to say almost NEVER!
So why in the world would you not invest in your health, state of mind, and eventual happiness?
If you are looking for a quick fix or diet break, this is NOT for you.


















I was seeking. I did not know what.
I was not settled. I did not know why.

If you ever had the same feeling, you would know what I mean. It is hard to describe because you are not aware of “it” most of the time. “It” creeps in from time to time, but “it” goes away when you are stuck in the daily routine.

I am happy when I go shopping with my girlfriend, buy nice clothes, get an impressive watch, celebrate at fancy restaurants, and heck! I was happy when I got promoted at my corporate job, and I was beyond joyful when I went to Paris, Doha and Angkor Wat!

Don’t get me wrong. You should be happy about the things you enjoy doing. I appreciated the life I had, but none of the happiness lasted for me. What’s next?

I started asking why I am here. What is the purpose of me being in this world? Who am I supposed to be in this lifetime?

The spiritual teacher at the yoga studio at the time responded three times with the same answer – “Muki, you just have to find your passion.” She also said sometimes it takes people a lifetime to find it. I rolled up my eyes.

I had no interests, no hobbies, and no particular skills. How would I find my passion from zero?

I did have determination. I promised myself I will find my passion no matter what.

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